The traditional neapolitan pizza margherita

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Time: 2/3 min


Pizza Margherita is Italy’s most famous dish.
 Born in Naples and known as the typical Italian food, Pizza Margherita is made with the green of basil, the red of tomato and the white of mozzarella, recalling also of the flag’s colours.

Pizza Margherita in the Toto 

Toto is the perfect oven for the Neapolitan pizza for its
 facility to reach 500°C, the temperature to cook pizza, in just 60-90 seconds. A higher cooking time is not allowed by the most important Neapolitan schools of pizza.

  1. Follow the instructions for making pizza dough in few steps
  2. When the dough is ready, form into balls of 200-250 gr and let them rise for at least 2-3 hours (depending on the temperature of the room)

  3. Take the dough ball and stretch it starting from the center and try to avoid making holes (but if you do make some, don’t worry you can just cover and press)
  4. Put the tomato sauce in the center and rotate it to spread it to the edges. Then place pieces of fiordilatte mozzarella (breaking it into pieces with your hands works best) and add basil (you also can put basil on after pizza is finished cooking)
  5. Put in the oven when the temperature reaches between 450°C and 500°C. Make sure that the floor is hot


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