Real italian paccheri pasta with cherry tomato sauce

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Time: 10 min


We discovered soon that Toto is also perfect for cooking pasta. It seems impossible but we were stunned too, and pasta was awesome. The italian traditional pasta is “pasta al sugo” or “spaghetti al pomodoro” (in english spaghetti with tomato sauce) and today we would like to reinterpret this pasta in the italian style way; italians are famous for the simplicity of recipes trying to keep tastes more natural as we can. “Paccheri” is a famous pasta and it links very well with cherry tomatoes because of the big holes in it that helps the sauce to get in.

The ingredients are really easy to find in every season of the year. You just need to have around 150 g of cherry tomatoes each person and onion or garlic (as your wishes). All the spices are not mandatory and it’s up to you.

  1. Make a big wood fire flames to cook it as fast as you can
  2. Put onion or garlic in a pan with extravirgin olive oil
  3. Wait just one minute and then add the half chopped cherry tomatoes
  4. In a pot put the water, bigger is the flame faster will boil
  5. When pasta is “al dente” put in the sauce to stir-fry and mix pasta with sauce
  6. Add basil or pepper if you want, we love it natural!
  7. Enjoy one of the best simple flavour ever, pasta with cherry tomato sauce!


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