Outdoor living: stitches​ for your kitchen.

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Having a garden, a terrace or an outdoor area adjacent to your home is definitely great to have. Today’s outdoor spaces are becoming more and more essential.

The house is subdivided into living area, kitchen, fitness area, terrace, garden, in some even a relaxation area with pool. Obviously, for each area, there are suitable furnishing accessories, such as those built especially for outdoors with very durable materials: tables, chairs, curtains, kitchens, barbecues, grill, wood fired ovens etc.

The kitchen in the backyard is highly appreciated by those who enjoy being outdoors, cooking and dining with family and friends.  As everyone knows, warm and sunny weather is synonymous of pizza and barbecue parties.

A must have for this culinary season? Grills and wood-burning ovens!

We offer different models of wood-burning ovens made of different materials… The traditional wood-burning ovens we make are entirely of refractory material. Our contemporary design solutions are made with stainless steel and refractory brick which, in addition to ensuring perfect cooking, also serve as a beautiful complement to your kitchen, terrace or garden.

We offer several solutions to help you build your own outdoor kitchen in just a few quick and easy steps. One of them is our TOTO grilloven, an integrated system which combines barbecue and wood fired pizza oven. Along with the accessories you’ll be preparing countless delicious dishes in no time. Cooking with Toto will be so amazing.

For those resigned to the idea that there is no way to install a pizza oven on a small terrace we suggest a wood or gas oven such as ALFA PIZZA’sPizza e Brace” suitable for metropolitan environments or the famous 4 Pizze, our best seller.

No one imagines how many ways of cooking you can do with a home pizza oven. Just take a look at the site to find numerous recipes and tips, from pizzas to roasts to soups to cakes, there is only the problem of deciding what to make.
So turn on your barbecue or wood oven, heat up the grills and have some fun in the kitchen!

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