Grill or Grilloven cover

Protect your Toto grill or grilloven with the original cover.
This made in Italy cover is made of a special combination of
polyester, polyurethane and polyvinyl chloride.


Lava stone plate

Volcano stone plate

The Lava Stone Plate is perfect for old style cooking lovers. This stone is ideal for any kind of fish, meat or vegetables cooked “a la plancha”.
Shrimps, scallops or meat skewer are just few tips to boost your cuisine creativity.


Wooden pizza paddle

Artisanal wooden pizza peel

Artisanal wooden pizza peel made in evaporated
beachwood perfect for the Toto’s oven. You can use it as a normal peel or prepare pizza on it as a working surface.



Wok + Frying pan + Saucepan

Your aluminium cookware set to get the most out of your kitchen. The aluminum ensures a perfect distribution of heat and excellent cooking results.

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